Ethical Hacking

Evidence Requirements

  1. You must right a report on the following themes

    • Describe real life historical and contemporary examples of cyber crime.

    • Compare historical and contemporary threats in cyber crime.

    • Compare historical and contemporary techniques deployed by malicious individuals, groups and nations.

    • Explain changes in professional and ethical approaches in relation to cyber crime.

    • Describe contemporary legislation relating to cyber crime.

    • Critique contemporary legislation relating to computer crime.

    • Identify potential omissions in current legislation relating to cyber crime.

    • Identify potential ethical threat caused by current legislation including threats to personal privacy and political freedom.

    • Use legal and technical terminology relating to cyber crime correctly

  2. You will undertake the penetration of a computer system or domain - it is essential that you document this task with screenshots and the steps undertaken. This documentation may include;


Cyber-crime is any act that breaks the law that is primarily committed on, or in association with, a computer.


Data Protection Act (2018)
Computer Misuse Act (1990)
Copyright, Design and Patents Act (1988)
Intellectual Property Act (2014)
Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (2000)
Police and Justice Act (2006)



KALI Linux

KALI Linux is a linux distribution preloaded with hacking and forensics tools.

You will have the opportunity to run many of these tools